Thursday, October 20, 2011

CD 12

So, I had another appointment in San Antonio this morning. We got up bright and early at 3AM (and on top of that I couldn't sleep last night for some reason) so I am pretty sleepy today. We got to the hospital and went upstairs to have my blood work done. I had the same guy that drew my blood last time and he's pretty awesome.. can't even feel the needle touch me when he does it! Anyway, after that we go downstairs to the infertility clinic and went back to a room to wait for the doctor to come do the ultrasound.  Unfortunately, the doctor I like was not the one who walked through the door.. it was this lady who really gets under my skin. She is just not a very positive person. OK, now to the good stuff. As of this morning I had one follicle on my left side that was at 13mm and two on my right side, one at 15.7mm and one at 13mm. I also had a bunch of cysts that were less than 10 on both sides, but those aren't important because they are always there since I have PCOS. I am pleased because I was hoping to have at least one at 15 or greater today and I did :) I am giving myself the trigger shot on Saturday night at 7PM and the IUI is going to be Monday morning at 7AM. Follicles are considered mature around 18mm and they grow around 2mm a day so by the time I trigger Saturday night I think I'll have 3 mature follicles.. two around 19? and one around 22? I don't know.. that is just a guessing game really and I'll never know for sure. I'm just hoping for the best! More targets = better chances of at least catching ONE of those eggs. I will say that I am feeling much  more relaxed about everything this time around since I have already been through this before. The first time I had my hopes up so high because everything seemed so perfect and when it failed I was an emotional wreck. This time around I'm feeling positive, but not overly positive. I am keeping myself in check and just hoping for the best. Whatever will be, will be. I'm done trying to dissect every little thing that happens with my body and trying to plan for anything. We're doing the best we can and that's all there is to it. It is in God's timing and I am trying my very hardest to remind myself of that every day.

I did see 3 shooting stars this morning on the way to the hospital! Hey, I don't believe in good luck, but I'll take whatever positive affirmation I can get :)

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