Monday, October 31, 2011


One week down, one week to go. I hate the two week wait, lol. This past week went by pretty quick, but the first part of the wait always does. Now I am getting restless about it again. I'm also starting to feel more emotional and not as positive about everything. I know, I know.. there is no reason for me to be giving up hope yet, but I am used to things not working out. I guess the good thing about not getting my hopes up is that I won't feel as crushed if this fails again and if it does work then I will be pleasantly surprised. No real symptoms yet, but I have had some that I am sure are from the Ovidrel shot. My biggest complaint is the migraines I have been getting. I have also had a lot of pain on my right side/lower back that is driving my nuts. I am not sure what it is from. I don't know if it is coming from my ovary or if I am possibly getting a kidney infection. I guess I'll discuss it with the doctor tomorrow because I made an appointment (w/ my PCM) to see if I can get something for the migraines I have been having.

Anyway, that's about all I have to update on right now. Fingers still crossed for a miracle!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Memories and Music

It's funny how music and memories are related. You know when you hear that one song, it takes you back to a time and place, and you can almost feel the emotions that you felt during that moment back in time? I find it crazy! Is it just me? Anyway, I've been listening to Pandora a lot (yes, I'm a little late on discovering this..) and I keep hearing songs that take me back to my high school days. Man, sometimes I miss the simplicity of those days. Ha, and to think I just used the word simplicity to describe my life in high school! How foolish I was back then to think that things were difficult. I hadn't the slightest clue about the reality of adult life. Ah, to go back to the days of school, friends, homework, part time jobs, and first love.. No bills to worry about, no REAL problems. Oh,young love - I remember you well! I kind of miss that innocence. Oh, the drama. What's funny is that at the time I hated high school.. despised it! Looking back on it now.. teenage years were not so horrible after all. Don't get me wrong, I love my life now. I have the best husband I could possibly ask for. He is my rock and my best friend. There is no one else I would rather go through these ups and downs of life with. I have a great family and wonderful friends. I am blessed to have best friends whose friendships have lasted more than a decade. ValAnn and I have been best friends for what? 10/11 years? Allie and I for 17? Woah, 17 years! Miss Kristen Michelle for 10 years. Those are true friendships. Not to mention the many great friendships I have developed since then. I am very close to my friend Jen down here in Texas and we've only known each other for a little over 2 years. Although Army life can create bonds pretty quickly :) I wouldn't trade my life or the people in it for anything!

Anyway, enough rambling for tonight. Just going down memory lane and listening to a little music....

Another fun night at the McPherson's

Nothing can ever go smoothly in this house, lol. My poor hubby is sick with the flu. And of course he was put on staff duty yesterday and was supposed to work all night. I brought him dinner and when I got there he was burning up.. I knew he had a fever.. I could just feel the heat radiating off of him. He didn't eat much, so afterward I went home and got the thermometer and some medicine. Yep, 102.2.. sick! We ended up going to the hospital last night so he could get checked out. We were hoping if it was the flu they would give him some tamiflu and it would help him get better quicker.. plus we thought they'd give him quarters so he could go home and rest. Nope. We waited for 4 hours and didn't get much accomplished. They said he may have strep, but they didn't have the rapid strep test there so we don't know if he does or not. He is supposed to make an appointment with his regular doctor, although since he worked all night (yes, he went back after going to the hospital and worked until 9AM) he is now sleeping. I guess he will have to try and go tomorrow if he still feels bad. Matt never gets sick so I know it's bad when he is. I just hope I do not catch it because I am worried if I get sick that it will mess everything up that we just did with the IUI. I don't need a sickness messing something up like implantation.. ahh! So I think I'm going to make I keep my distance, take my vitamins and drink a lot of orange juice. I refuse to get sick right now. I hope he feels better later :\

Monday, October 24, 2011


Yay, it's done! This morning we had our second IUI and I think things went pretty well. We should have had 3 mature follicles ready by the time we had the IUI this morning and things in the sperm department went pretty well, too. The doctor said there were about 20 something million PRE wash and about 20% motility.. which isn't great, but that after they 'washed' it and condensed it what we were working with was about 40 million and 50% motility. I like the second set of numbers much better :) I will say that the IUI was PAINFUL again this time though! They have a hard time getting the catheter through my cervix and finally they used the tenaculum (spelling?) to grab my cervix and pull it straight. WOW, that thing hurt like hell. They didn't use that last time when they had an issue and I think they should have. Even though it hurt, I'm glad they used it because it allowed everything to get where it needed to go easily and I don't think they did it right last time around. The doctor who did the IUI today seemed to have a better idea of what he was actually doing and was very careful about everything. It made me feel good. I'm feeling positive about everything at the moment and I'm beginning to get excited. It scares me that I am getting my hopes up again, but I can't help it. I guess we will see what happens in the next 2 weeks. Praying, praying, praying...

OH hilarious moment... my husband giving his 'boys' a pep talk before giving his sample.. He had to give them their mission and was deciding how to encourage them so he says "first one to the egg gets to be spoiled by grandma and grandpa!" LOL... I love that he can make light of any situation and make me laugh. I hope his pep talk worked ;)

Sunday, October 23, 2011


So tomorrow morning is the IUI. I am so ready for it to be over with! Last time we had the IUI it was painful for me, so I am hoping tomorrow it will not be as bad. I gave myself the trigger shot last night at 7 PM.. which I am pretty sure has hit my system full speed ahead at this point because I am feeling nauseous this evening. I have also had a killer headache for the past few days (pretty sure it is from the dexamethasone). I am thinking that if we are unsuccessful this time that I may see if we can change my medications next month. These meds are doing a number on my body. I have sleeplessness, hot flashes, night sweats, nausea, headaches, and indigestion! Oh and did I mention my ovaries are killing me? lol.. I am such a cry baby!

Anyway, enough with the complaining I suppose.. I am thankful we have this opportunity and I am excited to see if it works this time. I am not expecting anything, but it would be a wonderful surprise if in 2 weeks time I found out I'm pregnant. I am still trying to decide how exactly I am going to tell Matt if I am.. and how we are going to tell our families and friends. I think after all this time and because everyone knows what we are doing it will be difficult to do anything too special, especially since our families do not live near us. But hey, maybe if we are SUPER lucky we'll have more than one baby in there and we could do something special for that.

OK pizza is here for dinner! Time to eat, relax for a bit, and then off to bed early tonight. We have to be up before 3 AM again. I'll update again tomorrow with how the IUI went.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Pinterest is an addiction and I have so many ideas in my head of crafts I would like to do! I could spend a lot at a craft store right now on supplies. I already have ideas for a nursery, whether we end up with a boy or a girl and I can't wait to get started on those.. eventually! Today, I want to make this cool headband I found:

Source: via Ashlyn on Pinterest

cool, huh?!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

CD 12

So, I had another appointment in San Antonio this morning. We got up bright and early at 3AM (and on top of that I couldn't sleep last night for some reason) so I am pretty sleepy today. We got to the hospital and went upstairs to have my blood work done. I had the same guy that drew my blood last time and he's pretty awesome.. can't even feel the needle touch me when he does it! Anyway, after that we go downstairs to the infertility clinic and went back to a room to wait for the doctor to come do the ultrasound.  Unfortunately, the doctor I like was not the one who walked through the door.. it was this lady who really gets under my skin. She is just not a very positive person. OK, now to the good stuff. As of this morning I had one follicle on my left side that was at 13mm and two on my right side, one at 15.7mm and one at 13mm. I also had a bunch of cysts that were less than 10 on both sides, but those aren't important because they are always there since I have PCOS. I am pleased because I was hoping to have at least one at 15 or greater today and I did :) I am giving myself the trigger shot on Saturday night at 7PM and the IUI is going to be Monday morning at 7AM. Follicles are considered mature around 18mm and they grow around 2mm a day so by the time I trigger Saturday night I think I'll have 3 mature follicles.. two around 19? and one around 22? I don't know.. that is just a guessing game really and I'll never know for sure. I'm just hoping for the best! More targets = better chances of at least catching ONE of those eggs. I will say that I am feeling much  more relaxed about everything this time around since I have already been through this before. The first time I had my hopes up so high because everything seemed so perfect and when it failed I was an emotional wreck. This time around I'm feeling positive, but not overly positive. I am keeping myself in check and just hoping for the best. Whatever will be, will be. I'm done trying to dissect every little thing that happens with my body and trying to plan for anything. We're doing the best we can and that's all there is to it. It is in God's timing and I am trying my very hardest to remind myself of that every day.

I did see 3 shooting stars this morning on the way to the hospital! Hey, I don't believe in good luck, but I'll take whatever positive affirmation I can get :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

CD 8

So, I guess it is time for another update. I am on CD 8 now and tomorrow is my last day taking 150mg of Clomid. I am taking dexamethasone again this cycle and I continue taking that up until we do the trigger shot. Our next appointment is on Thursday (CD 12) so *hopefully* all goes well and we have some nice big follicles and can schedule the IUI. I am guessing, based on the last cycle we did IUI, that the IUI will end up being sometime this next weekend, possibly Sunday? I am so nervous, anxious, and just a bunch of different emotions. I don't know how to feel because I don't want to get my hopes up again, and yet I also want to stay positive. I guess we will see what happens! As far as side effects this month - I have hot flashes, mood swings, and my ovaries are beginning to hurt so I know SOMETHING must be going on down there. Anyway, not much else to update on tonight, but I will update this again on Thursday after my appointment. No one really reads this, but this is more for me than anyone else. It is nice to look back on where we've been and have a record of everything. Hopefully soon this blog will turn into pregnancy updates and belly pictures. Fingers crossed!

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's October!

I love October! It is one of my favorite months. Why? I'm not quite sure, but it is. Maybe because it is when the weather starts cooling down more and fall shows up. I love summer, but after living in Texas .. I think I am more fond of fall. So what's new with the McPhersons this week? Let's see - Matt currently has a kidney stone :\ poor guy! and I started a babysitting job. Nothing too exciting going on besides that. Until this weekend when we have family coming into town. Matt's mom, brother, grandma, and aunt are all coming to stay with us for a few days and it should be a good time all around. As far as things in the infertility world, I am currently taking Provera to start my next cycle. I have to take that for 10 days and I am on day 7 so we are looking at going to San Antonio early next week to begin our next treatment cycle :) I am excited to finally get the ball rolling again! We haven't really been able to do much since the last IUI and that cycle ended at the end of July.. so 2 months of just waiting around for the next thing. I am relieved to finally be getting back into it. I have to admit, it was nice to have a break at first and I think it was good for my body to give it a break from everything. Unfortunately, the past few weeks have just been irritating and not quite as relaxing because I have started to get more anxious and impatient again. Anyway, that's about it for today. Now I must finish a 6 page paper for class, do some cleaning, and then off to babysit this afternoon. Sounds like high school again, lol.