Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another fun night at the McPherson's

Nothing can ever go smoothly in this house, lol. My poor hubby is sick with the flu. And of course he was put on staff duty yesterday and was supposed to work all night. I brought him dinner and when I got there he was burning up.. I knew he had a fever.. I could just feel the heat radiating off of him. He didn't eat much, so afterward I went home and got the thermometer and some medicine. Yep, 102.2.. sick! We ended up going to the hospital last night so he could get checked out. We were hoping if it was the flu they would give him some tamiflu and it would help him get better quicker.. plus we thought they'd give him quarters so he could go home and rest. Nope. We waited for 4 hours and didn't get much accomplished. They said he may have strep, but they didn't have the rapid strep test there so we don't know if he does or not. He is supposed to make an appointment with his regular doctor, although since he worked all night (yes, he went back after going to the hospital and worked until 9AM) he is now sleeping. I guess he will have to try and go tomorrow if he still feels bad. Matt never gets sick so I know it's bad when he is. I just hope I do not catch it because I am worried if I get sick that it will mess everything up that we just did with the IUI. I don't need a sickness messing something up like implantation.. ahh! So I think I'm going to make I keep my distance, take my vitamins and drink a lot of orange juice. I refuse to get sick right now. I hope he feels better later :\

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