Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Update: CD 7

So, as you can see from the title, we are doing another IUI cycle. We had an appointment last Friday (the 3rd) on CD 3 and the cyst I had before was gone. Yay! So we were good to go. We are trying Femara this cycle instead of the medications we have used previously and so far I have not had any noticeable side effects. Since I do not respond to Clomid by itself, and Femara works similarly to Clomid, I am a little nervous to how this will work. I have read that some women with PCOS respond better to Femara so we will see. If it does not work then the doctor said next time we will be moving on to injections. We have an appointment on Monday, the 13th (also CD 13), and we will have blood work and an ultrasound done to see how the follicles are responding. If all goes well then I should be doing the trigger shot that evening and the IUI should be on Wednesday, the 15th. Hopefully things go as planned because Matt's leave starts on the 13th and we really need to head out of town on the 15th after the appointment. We don't want to waste too many days in Texas. Fingers crossed! Everything is really relaxed this time around. We are so focused on vacation and it is helping to keep our minds off of things. The only sucky thing right now is that Matt has shingles :( Poor guy! I am so excited for next week so we can go out of town and relax. Perfect timing, too!

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