Monday, February 13, 2012

CD 13 Update

Oh. my. word. This morning was crazy! We left at around 3:30 AM to head to San Antonio for our appointment. It was raining (again), but we were feeling positive and making great time. RIGHT when we got to our exit... there was an accident and the exit was closed off. So, at this point we were stuck in traffic for a good bit.. and being early was quickly turning into running late. There were a lot of wrong turns involved, some roads closed, and just overall craziness! We finally got there and I went to get my blood drawn (40 minutes later than I normally do..) and for the first time there was an issue drawing it. I NEVER have any problem with my veins or getting my blood drawn, but apparently today was the day. I usually always have it done on my left arm and the guy (who by the way tied the rubber band WAY too tight) stabbed me in the arm (uh, ouch!)and then tells me that it won't work because apparently my vein has scarred over from having blood drawn so often (huh?!). I think he is crazy. Then on my right arm he completely missed the first time and then finally on the third try he got it. Ok, so then we proceed downstairs to the clinic. There were a ton of people waiting ahead of us since we were running late (go figure) so we sat there for quite some time. I believe we were the last ones seen. I get into the room and get undressed and then I am informed that they can not find my medical charts... really?..... At this point my positivity is going down hill and I am assuming that once I get scanned that my follicles will be non-existent and we will get cancelled again. Well guess what?! The femara worked for me! I only had one mature follicle this time, but it was the biggest one I've had so far at 23 mm. Yay! LH levels were already rising so trigger shot tonight at 7 PM and IUI tomorrow on Valentine's Day at 7 AM. I have been feeling a little iffy about having the IUI 12 hours after trigger compared to the usual 36 hours, but hey.. maybe this is what I need for it to work.

Fingers crossed and lots of praying for a Valentine's Day conception, lol. Better yet? Baby would be due close to Halloween (est. Nov. 6).. conceived and born on two candy eating holidays? I think this needs to happen... lol

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