Sunday, July 8, 2012

IUI #5 (IUI attempt #8)

Friday was the IUI. I am happy to say things went quite well! When I posted the other day, we were both feeling down and out about everything. I think we are just nervous to be getting our hopes up again because every time we do we are let down. Last time was,obviously, especially difficult. Once again, God has shocked me. Matt's count and motility were fantastic! I don't know what has changed, but both May's IUI and this past one have shown drastic improvement. I thought for sure it was a fluke last time, but this time things were even better! Pre-wash he had 80 million sperm per ml at 90% motility (yay!) and post-wash (which is what is used) there were 120 million/ml at 70% motility!! That means at 70% we had a total of 84 million for the insemination. Praise God! We are normally only working with close to 8 million. In fact, we had more than double than we had last time I think =] It's kind of hard not to get a little excited about that. Plus we had two great looking follicles on my end. I guess we will see what happens in two weeks. Funny story: One of the nurses was talking to me after the IUI (I have to lay there for 30 mins afterward) and I asked her how often people are getting pregnant from the IUIs in this office. She told me a few different stories of some ladies who have recently gotten pregnant (and they gave me hope because one of them tried 13 times before it worked) and then told me about this one lady who she would never forget. She said there was a lady who was trying for her second child through IUI. She got pregnant from IUI with her first baby, too. For her recent IUI she wore the same socks, same outfit, same everything as when she conceived her first. She said the reason she will never forget her is because when she came in to check on her at one point, the lady was laying the opposite way on the bed/table so that her legs were in the air. I guess no one else ever does this. I said, "That is a GREAT idea! I don't know why I never thought of that!". So, I did the same thing, lol. Yes, the blood kind of ran to my head after a while, but hey I'll try anything! Hope that gives some of you a laugh.. I know my husband did! Anyway, before I end this blog I want to ask for prayers for a friend from North Carolina. Her name is Moriah and she is 26 weeks pregnant. She is currently being hospitalized for extremely high blood pressure and will remain in the hospital until the baby is born. They say it will be a miracle if she even makes it to 32 weeks. Her mother has been a great support to me throughout my infertility journey. I ask that everyone prays for Moriah, her husband, and their unborn son.

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