Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just another day in the 'Great Place'

Today has been insane. It started at 0500 this morning when Matt woke up and realized he had washed his last good pair of ACUs with a charcoal lined hunting jacket. The result was ACUs covered in charcoal (looked like charcoal dust). His pants, top, shirt, PC... covered! So, as Matt went off to work in another pair of ACUs; I got to work! I was super wife and managed to get all the stains out, re-wash and dry his clothes before he got home at 0800. Woo hoo! So that was incident #1 for the day. Incident #2 was that once again the person Matt is supposed to be doing road guard duty with failed to show up! He never shows up and Matt has repeatedly asked for someone more responsible to do this detail with him, but they fail to listen. Well, this morning was no different. The guy didn't show up and they had someone else fill in last minute, but the guy that was filling in couldn't do it for the entire time because he had an appointment. Well, go figure that as soon as the one guy left and Matt was alone.. along comes the division sergeant major! He wasn't too happy that Matt didn't have his battle buddy with him and Matt ended up having to go to the guy's office at 0900. Luckily, he did not get in trouble (not that he should have considering it was not his fault). Incident #2 over! Now, on to incident #3! After lunch I noticed a sign on our front door from Animal Control. It stated that they had my stray animal in their custody. My immediate response was to check to see if Kylee was still in the backyard and Hunter was still in the house; they both were. I called the number for Animal Control and let them know what I had received and that it must be some mistake because I had both of my animals. They said it was my lab, whose microchip linked him to us. SERGEANT! Apparently he was found wandering around one of the schools on post. I explained to the lady that he was no longer our dog and that we had given him to friends, who then had to give him to another family because he was over the weight limit they were allowed to have for animals. Sergeant was still our legal responsibility though because his microchip was in our name (we forgot to change that when we gave him away). Poor puppy was in the pound!  We went and picked him up and now have him at our home again. Apparently the people that were currently responsible for him were poor pet owners and we are suspicious of a few things. He has some sores on his belly and he is dirty and acting strangely. What a day it has been!! I just hope these people own up for what they did and pay for the fines we had to take care of. On a good note - we got our valued customer credit from Sprint because we had switched over our number to them and don't have to pay our phone bill this time :)

Just another day in the life of the McPhersons!

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