Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So, I have decided that I truly have a desire to educate people about infertility, and about their bodies in general. It amazes me how much people really do not know about their own bodies. I find this especially true for women. I had to write a paper for class this past week about business to consumer messages. I chose to use the advertisements for the "Increase Your Chances" campaign for my paper. The ads are essentially about a couple named Neil and Karen (a bird and a bee) who are experiencing trouble conceiving. I find these entertaining and  I can relate to them, so I thought it would be an interesting topic to write about. While doing some research on the advertisements and upon finishing an article, I found some pretty nasty comments from readers in response to the topic. They don't understand and they judge those who choose to take drugs in order to get pregnant. The problem is that our culture only hears of the EXTREME cases, like John & Kate Plus 8 and the OctoMom. Truth is, infertility treatments are a very monitored thing! The majority of doctors out there are responsible and they will not carry out a cycle if there is a risk of a high number of multiples. Now, when it comes to IVF you choose how many embryos you want to have transferred and I have not heard of a doctor transferring more than 3 at one time. Why is infertility still such a taboo topic? It happens to 1 out of 8 couples (although it may not seem that way) and chances are you probably know someone who is going through it. Why the insensitivity? People truly do not understand why us infertiles go through the treatments we go through and subject our bodies to the fertility drugs and procedures. Why don't we just adopt? It's not that simple! Sure, at some point we would love to adopt and we will probably adopt even if we do succeed in having our own children, but right now we are putting all our energy into creating a life that is biologically ours. I want to experience a pregnancy. I want to look down at that little baby in my arms after giving birth and feel that pure joy and say that he/she has their daddy's eyes or my ears. Bring ON the typical things that pregnant women complain about... the morning sickness, heartburn, back pain... I don't care. Sure, a couple years ago I probably would not have enjoyed those things, but at this point all those symptoms sound beautiful to me.

Anyway, this really is only scratching the surface and I just wanted to vent. I'm really thinking of writing a book!

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