Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well it's that time again..

     I hate this time of the month. It is the week where we find out if we were successful in conceiving this month or not. Obviously, we have not been so far. (Well, last month was just a mess..). I learned not to test so early though so that I do not get let down by catching a chemical pregnancy. So, in a couple of days I get to find out! Not feeling very hopeful, but you never know.      Anyway, I am finally getting over my sickness :) Very happy about that. Next week I have a dentist appointment (which I am not looking forward to, because I was supposed to have a crown done back in March and never did, and now my teeth have been hurting pretty bad the past few days. Matt says I've been grinding my teeth even more than I usually do, too. Great.) The week after, on the 12th, Matt has an appointment with his doctor to follow up on his leg. Unfortunately, since he has not had much improvement in getting it straighter, he is probably going to need another surgery. This could mean a lot of changes for us in the near future. The Army will probably medically discharge him if he has another surgery. So, I guess we will see what happens. It is in God's hands. Also, Matt has been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. He has not been able to sleep at night and it is starting to get to him. Prayers are welcome :)

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