Monday, September 20, 2010

Dr. Appointments

Yuck. I have been sick for the past week and it stinks :( It's gotten to the point where I've lost my voice from coughing too much and my ribs are hurting. Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon though, because I want to start back to work. Tomorrow is supposed to be Matt's first day back at the company so we will see how that goes. He still needs to go see his doctor tomorrow morning. I just wish the poor guy could sleep! Nothing seems to work for him.
    Anyway, this morning I had an appointment at the Women's Clinic on post with our the doctor we have been seeing for infertility. Her name is Dr. Hayes and she has been wonderful so far. Unfortunately, the computers were down and she was unable to do anything for us today. She did call back later on and let us know that she put in another referral for Wilford Hall (located in San Antonio - they have reproductive endocrinologists there that can do more complex things for us such as IUI and IVF, which I am sure a lot of people have no idea what those are, lol). We also were able to let her know about the chemical pregnancy we had last month. I told her about the times I left messages for her to call me and she says she never got the messages (which I figured). So she is putting in lab work for me to have a pregnancy test done (? Not sure why at this point? ) and to do a Clomid Challenge (taking Clomid just like I have been, but they are going to  do lab work on various days of the month. I have to have this done to bring to Wilford Hall when we go). Matt also has to have some tests re-done as well.
  Besides that, nothing else is really new. I am ready to get back to school and back to work. I need to start my next class online (University of Phoenix) so I can finally finish my degree. I have about 8 classes left.

PS I can not wait to go to Charlotte for Christmas! On the plus side, Matt and I are discussing what we want to do for our anniversary this year. We are talking about getting away for a couple nights for it, so we will see! I can't believe it has almost been 2 years already. :)

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