Monday, April 16, 2012

The last couple weeks have been an adventure..

I never did update after my last appointment. As expected, because of my cyst, I did not respond to the medications. No follicle growth occured. In fact, the only thing that grew was my cyst! The cyst was about 2in at the time of my appointment on April 4th (it was a Wednesday). So the cycle was canceled. My progesterone levels were up, however, so my RE decided that the cyst should go away on it's own and that I should start a new cycle w/i 2-4 weeks. Well, plans changed! A couple days later I ended up in extreme pain and was having issues using the restroom. This began on Saturday, the 7th. Finally, after a couple of days of this I went to the ER on Monday. After being poked and prodded at they determined that my cyst had ruptured and sent me home with pain meds. To my surprise, I began another cycle a few days later on Thursday (the 12th). I called my RE in San Antonio and scheduled an appt to begin another treatment cycle and went to the doctor a day later on Friday. Well, no such luck. My cyst is NOT gone and it had in fact doubled in size in the past week. My cyst is bigger than my uterus. It hurts! I don't know if anything actually ruptured.. I guess it could have been a different cyst since I did have multiple, but the big cyst that I had was definitely not gone. So, now we have to do some more waiting. My RE put me on the Nuvaring (birth control for those who do not know) for 3 weeks to hopefully shrink the cyst. After three weeks I will remove it and go back to the doctor once I begin a new cycle. My RE says I have been through the 'gynecological ringer' in the past month or so. I agree! I am still in pain and am still on pain medication to help. I am hoping that I begin to feel better soon, that the cyst will go away, and that we can begin again. This next time will be our LAST shot before we move and Matt is out of the military. Talk about pressure! I am so nervous, but I still have hope and am praying that a miracle occurs. It is in God's hands and what is meant to be, will be.

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