Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CD 3 Appointment - Femara and Gonal-F

Yesterday was my CD 3 baseline blood work and ultrasound. Let's just say it did not go quite as expected. Unfortunately, I have another decent sized cyst on my left ovary. It is not quite as big as the one I had back in November that we got cancelled for, but it is big enough for us to get cancelled. As soon as they mentioned the size, I knew we were not going to be able to proceed this month. Wrong. So,the doctor said that because Matt is close to getting out of the Army and we do not have many more chances, that we could go ahead and try. He didn't think that the cyst was producing any hormones so it wouldn't be too big a problem. He did say that it was not ideal and that normally we would have to wait. We then discussed our new treatment plan. I know I mentioned before that I would be doing all injections this time around, but I was wrong. We are doing a combination. I will take Femara, just like I did last cycle, followed by Gonal-F injections. I am so excited that we get to try injectables! I'm also happy that we are doing the combination because I was worried about hyper-stimulating and producing too many follicles. Sweet!

Ok, so we were on our way home when the doctor called and said that my labs came back. My estrogen levels are way too high for the beginning of a cycle. The levels should be under 80 and mine are in the 200s. He said we could proceed and could try, but that I may not respond to the medications because of the cyst and the hormones it is putting out. Lovely! So, I'm a little concerned about this cycle. It seems to be a flop before it has even started. But, we will try and see what happens. My next appointment is April 4th (a week from today, on Wednesday). Fingers crossed that maybe it will work. We are quickly running out of time. Hey, every other cycle things seemed perfect and it didn't work. Maybe I needed things to seem bad so that it does.. ha

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