Thursday, November 3, 2011

10dpiui - Symptoms?

Ok, so I am 10 days past my IUI right now and 12 days past my trigger shot. I am having some "symptoms" but I do not know if it is still from the trigger shot, if they could be real pregnancy symptoms, or if it is from something else entirely. I am jotting these down just in case we are successful this month because I want to remember what I was feeling. I have had horrible migraine headaches for a while now (I am certain these are from all the hormones I've been taking and not pregnancy?) I am hoping that they go away soon, but with my luck I will be stuck with migraines during the entire first trimester with nothing but tylenol. Ah! I also have sore breasts (I know.. TMI for some reading this I am sure.. but I again, I want to jot down all my 'symptoms') and this morning I woke up and I have been feeling the oddest little twinges in my uterus? I have no idea! I've been a good girl and have not tested early so we will see how well I hold out in the next few days! Only a few more days to go!! Monday is 14dpiui, but I'll probably test Saturday or Sunday just to see.... OH and I have a great idea to surprise my husband if I do end up being pregnant, hehe. But I don't want to write it on here in case he checks the blog. Let's just say, I plan on recording his reaction to the news if all goes well. Keep praying please! I believe miracles happen and maybe this is my turn for one :)

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