Wednesday, January 12, 2011

23 - Welcome!

Today is my 23rd birthday. It has been just a normal day for the most part, but I am happy to welcome a new age and a new year in my life. I am visiting with my family in Michigan right now because Matt is away at JRTC (pre-deployment training) for a month in Louisiana. They are scheduled to deploy again in May, although we are unsure at this point whether or not Matt will be going. I am hoping he doesn't have to go, but I am alright with it if he has to. We've already been through a deployment before and I know what to expect this time around if he goes. I am sure it will still be difficult,and I am not looking forward to it, but at this point it hasn't hit me that there is even a possibility. Anyway, in the fertility world, this is what is going on..

This past cycle has been a mess! I am officially LATE and no period in sight (TMI for some I am sure, sorry). The problem is that there is no positive test in sight either... so I am pretty sure that my PCOS is messing up my hormones again and I either didn't ovulate, or I ovulated late.. not sure. I haven't taken any medication since November's cycle so that could be why. At this point, I just wish it would start so I can take my birth control pills, get my hormones in sync and hopefully get rid of the cyst that the doctor's want gone before we proceed with the IUI next month. I am supposed to take them, and then get off of them in a few weeks when Matt gets back home. I am anxious and ready for February to start. I am nervous about giving myself injections (needs to go in the abdomen) and then the HCG trigger shot which is an intramuscular shot that is 1 1/2 inches long... ouch! Not sure I can do that to myself.. going to need help for that one! Ready to get this show on the road... here's to hoping it works! (But not TOO well because I don't want 6 babies.... lol)

WELCOME 23rd year of my life ... Let's make this one good!

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