Friday, December 3, 2010


I am super anxious for next week! I took my 7th round (pretty sure it was 7) of Clomid this month and did the Clomid Challenge for Wilford Hall. The Clomid Challenge measures your FSH and Estradiol levels on Day 3 and Day 10  (Clomid days 5 - 9) and your progesterone levels on Day 23.. and if everything goes well a pregnancy test on day 35. Everything looks GREAT!! My FSH levels were well within range, and Day 10's level was lower than Day 3's. My Estradiol level was 48 on Day 3 (good!) and well... it jumped to 570 by Day 10!? Not sure if this is good or bad.. but it's high. It's no wonder these pills make me feel the way they do. Anyway, on Day 23 I had my Progesterone level done to see if I had ovulated. Anything over 10 indicates ovulation, and when my doctor called me yesterday it was 54! That's really high. She said I definitely ovulated. I am wondering if this is a good sign. I hope so. Maybe there is more than one.. hmm. All I know is that a level of 54 means there is more than enough progesterone to sustain a pregnancy. Now all we can do is wait. Prayers please!! I really want my Christmas miracle.

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